25 of the Top Moments from 2017 in College Football

As the 2017 college football comes to an end with the Alabama Crimson Tide winning their 17th national championship, it is time to look back and see what the year had to offer.

2017 in college football saw amazing NY6 Bowl games, bizarre coaching hires, and the continued rise of mid-major programs. It was a fun year with lots of turnover in the top 25.

It is safe to say that college football has transitioned from a speed/spread offensive focus to generating depth on defense as the main priority for building a quality program. Four of the teams to play in the previous two championships were led by their defense, with dominant quarterback play being no longer necessary. Alabama won their most recent national championship on the back of a backup quarterback.

Now we will wind the calendar back and look back at the top moments in 2017. But first a few notes.

  • This is a list recapping the 2017 calendar year, not necessarily the 2017 season. So plays like Lorenzo Carter’s amazing blocked field goal in the 2017 Rose Bowl against Oklahoma, or Tua Tagovailoa’s championship winning throw will not be on the list.
  • I tried my best to limit moments to 1 per team, otherwise, this would be a list entirely consisting of Baker Mayfield and Saquon Barkley. At most, teams were limited to two appearances on the list. If they have more than two it is because they were not the featured part of one of the moments.

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