Scouting Report: Marvin Bagley III

Marvin Bagley III

Hometown: Tempe, AZ
Height: 6’11”
Wingspan: 7’1″
Weight: 234
College: Duke
Stats (Through 12 games): 31.6 MPG, 21.3 PPG, 11.3 REB, 1.5 AST, 0.9 BLKS, 61% FG, 33% from three

As a native of Tempe, AZ, it didn’t take Marvin Bagley long to get noticed on the AAU circuit. Finishing 7th grade at 6’8″, Marvin quickly began receiving college attention, accumulating multiple scholarship offers before getting to high school. Fittingly, the first game of his high school career went viral as Marvin posterized a player on varsity as a freshman. Since then he’s received national attention and become every college coaches dream. Without a doubt, Bagley has grown into a national basketball superstar.


  • Insane athleticism for his size
  • Possesses guard like quickness and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time
  • Ball handling ability well above average for his size
  • Has shown definite flashes from 3 point range
  • Fluid from inside 15 feet
  • Unselfish player
  • Can guard any position defensively
  • Crashes glass hard on both ends
  • Motor seems consistent
  • Footwork and skill moves above average for age


  • Inconsistent at the line, currently shooting 61% at the line
  • Decent shooter but nothing special
  • Loses focus on the rim when shooting
  • Doesn’t consider mid-range options when receiving ball from 15 feet
  • Intense focus on left hand
  • Awareness could improve on both ends
  • Wingspan is nothing special, is he big enough to play the 5?
  • Flashes of weakness on interior defense
  • Could stand to get tougher and put on a bit more mass
  • Lacks competitive strength

Overall Report

It’s no secret that Marvin is, by all means, a special player. His strengths match-up to what a successful NBA stud needs, and his weaknesses are improvable traits that coaching, especially from Coach K, can improve. However, sheer basketball ability is not what makes Marvin special.

Marvin’s attitude is what sticks out. Often times I feel scouting neglects one of the most crucial aspects of a prospect: their personality, IQ, and ability to think through situations. All of these aspects are strengths of Marvin’s. Bagley possesses a presence, and he has an undeniable confidence that cannot be overlooked. Even in interviews, he gives off an aura of “mamba mentality”, which from my point of view, is what separates the greats from the legends.

Previous coaches of his cite his humility, and his ability to get along with teammates. He finished high school with 4.0 GPA and has never had any reported character issues. All signs point to the fact that Bagley could be our next NBA superstar.

Player Comparison:  Chris Bosh/Kevin Garnett

Projected Draft Pick: Top 3



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