Football: Herm Edwards introduced as New Head Coach

After the surprising firing of Todd Graham, many people were left wondering who would be the next football coach at Arizona State. Many fans wanted ASU to hire someone who has coached at the college level like former Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin or Vanderbilt’s Frank Mason.

Instead, Ray Anderson, the Vice President of University Athletics, said that he preferred a coach who had NFL experience and who could “recruit anywhere, compete for championships, and develop players.”

This statement was a signal to all Sun Devil fans that the next coach was going to have NFL coaching experience. About a week after Graham was fired, Ray Anderson and the President of the University, Michael Crow, decided to hire former NFL coach and player Herm Edwards as the next head football coach. This hire has the potential to elevate ASU to unprecedented heights.

Impact of the Hire

The hiring put Sun Devil nation into a social media storm as they were not happy. Fans and former alumni wanted someone who had experience coaching in college to lead the Sun Devils this upcoming season, not someone who is supposedly washed up. Some fans are angry and upset, but they shouldn’t be.  Fans and alumni need to take a step back and give Herm a chance. 

Recruiting & Player Development

With the hiring of Herman Edwards, Arizona State’s recruiting should improve. One of the things Ray Anderson was looking for in the next coach was someone who could recruit anywhere and in competitive places like Southern California, Texas and Florida.

Edwards will be able to go into any household in the country and convince the athlete that ASU is the place for them. His high energy and charisma should ensure parents that their son will be in good hands. Another reason why parents should feel safe with Edwards is that he is a leader of men and can really make a positive impact on a football player’s life. 

In addition to better recruiting, Ray Anderson wanted a coach who can further develop football players and make ASU a breeding ground for the NFL. What better way to do that than by hiring a former NFL player and coach who knows what it takes to succeed in the National Football League.

Herm’s experience is not only going to benefit the entire ASU football team, but it will help bring in higher rated recruits. ASU will attract players who are serious about making it to the pros because of the opportunity to develop under Herman Edwards with the goal to make it to the NFL.

What’s Next

Sun Devil fans need to give Herm Edwards a fair shot. There is no need for people to already have a negative attitude about next season. Many coordinators and assistant coaches are staying here at ASU, so Edwards will have a knowledgeable and experienced support staff. Despite having a losing record in the NFL, Edwards went to four playoffs in eight seasons. Coach Edwards can win, and with great assistant coaches around him like Billy Napier, the program can be looking at bigger and brighter things in the future.

Some alumni and fans need to embrace this hire and have a positive attitude for ASU football. Get on the Herm Train Sun Devil fans. This is gonna be a fun ride and remember Arizona State Football will now always play to win the game.


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